Waveray Capital Group is a venture capital fund focusing on emerging healthcare and biotechnology industry. With our global vision, Waveary is flexible in pursuing opportunities at different investment stage, from seed round to growth.

Global Background

We are a team of scientists, physicians, entrepreneurs and investors from leading investment firms, research institutions and pharmaceutical companies. Our goal is to facilitate the commercialization of scientific findings and the development of new technology to greater benefit our community. Within a short time since establishment, Waveray engaged with many portfolio companies by investing, incubating, restructuring and connecting them to our local resources.

We aim to work with scientists, researchers, physicians, engineers and finance professionals to advance healthcare and deliver better therapies for patients. Within the past decades, new therapies, devices have grown as we made tremendous breakthroughs in laboratories. Meanwhile, data-driven decision making and IT system innovations rapidly advanced our healthcare system. As of the manager on behalf of our limited partners, including endowment and pensions, government foundation and other high net-worth individuals, it is truly our pleasure to give back to our community.

Sector focus:

Asia: Medical Device, Healthcare IT and Delivery,  Therapeutics, CRO/CDMO

North America: Platform Technology, Healthcare IT and Analytics